The Importance of Commercial Fryer Maintenance


If you own a chip shop or any other type of restaurant that uses a commercial fryer, it is important to take good care of it. Not just for the quality of the food you serve, but for other reasons such as safety. To ensure your fryer lasts for many years, you should educate yourself on fryer maintenance. Although there are some things you’ll find easy to do, others are best left to a professional. If you use a commercial fryer in Normanton, it should be repaired and maintained by an experienced technician. For all the stuff you can’t do, they are on hand to help you out with new components, repair and servicing. The key to maintaining your fryer is to work on positive cooking habits, such as:

  • Shaking off ice crystals
  • Not salting food above the fryer oil line
  • Filtering oil at least once a day
  • Pull large sediments out of the oil using a skimmer
  • Managing the temperature of your oil throughout the day

Table of Contents

Oil Filtering

Doing things such as filtering your oil throughout the day will extend the lifecycle of your commercial fryer. Before closing your establishment and clean your fryer, you’ll need to remove all the oil. This is the perfect time to filter the oil and remove any debris.

Call a Gas Engineer

You can do some maintenance and cleaning but once in a while it is sensible to let the professionals take a look. They’ll ensure the system is safe and running as efficiently as possible.









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