Four Key Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting


A dedicated server hosting is used to describe a type of hosting package which provides dedicated servers to users and also provides dedicated resources to one single client. The dedicated hosting plan is ideal for your WordPress website with a very large number of visitors. Many WordPress hosting service provider offers Dedicated Hosting plans for WordPress.

One of the major deciding points is control. A dedicated hosting server is entirely exclusive for your web application. Therefore, as a result, you have a complete configuration and maintenance commands on the machine. So you can set various parameters, such as server utilization and distribution of electricity, and HDD space available for application.

If your application is one of many that need a highly-customizable configuration server, then the server is the only exclusive of your choice. Because it’s the only way you’ll get root access which allows you to change the server variable end-to-end. On the flip-side, an exclusive server implies that you are responsible for all maintenance and smooth-running of the engine. This includes installing patches and run the update if necessary.

Benefit of using dedicated server hosting                              

Speed ​​and performance

Performance for sites hosted on dedicated servers tends to more quickly and smoothly, and for obvious reasons no one else on the server bandwidth suck. Dedicated hosting provides faster speed, connectivity and time of the upload and the data are usually limited or much higher and storage. Your site will load faster if it was accessible on the desktop or mobile device, and there will be less hassle for them to access it.


Shared hosting will always be cheaper than a dedicated private server because you are sharing a room with several other sites, sometimes running into hundreds or thousands. industry leaders like Bluehost cost as little as $ 3.49 month for the level along with the intro package, and for only $ 5.45 month, they kicked features, offering unlimited domains, space, file transfer, email, and 24/7 customer service. For comparison, the cheapest dedicated server option Bluehost is $ 79.99 month, and the premium package runs for at least $ 119.99 month. That said, most of the specialized service provider offers this level is significantly cheaper if you pay by the year.


On a shared server, you are not the only user on the board, and you probably will not know who else is using the server. Depending on what other sites on the server until they could potentially put your site – and your clients and readers – are at risk.

Maintenance and customer service

The same principle applies to a shared server – you do not have the place to yourself, but you’re not responsible for taking care of the problem when it comes to solving technical problems. The server of dedicated hosting is just like a computer like your desktop machine that you use at home. But a dedicated server does not look like an ordinary computer, and they do not contain enough of the same components. Factors to Consider while Purchasing the Best Dedicated Server Hosting. High traffic websites and eCommerce stores are hosted on one or more dedicated servers.

Dedicated hosting server security is more vulnerable than any other type of hosting because it solely depends on the skill of the user.  Therefore, users need to monitor the security of the server, take frequent backups, and installing security patches and firewalls.  By contrast, in cloud hosting, the hosting provider takes care of all aspects related to this security so that users can only focus on the content of his website. Developers and business owners trying to find the best-dedicated server hosting because they can be configured easily to satisfy the needs of programming, support server load, and leading security. So, here are bullet points you should keep in mind before buying a dedicated hosting server for your site:

  • Bandwidth options and Data Center Concerns- High-Speed ​​Backbone Network, Power Supply, and Cooling
  • Technical Support’s ability to support your clients
  • Storage-HDD Disk Drive vs. the Solid State Drives
  • Different types of RAM mainly used is the choice of DDR3, DDR4, and ECC in the present
  • Focus on Performance benchmark CPU Know the difference between Xeon, Atom, and Option product line

Almost all users of dedicated server hardware configuration missed the best at the lowest possible price. However, some choose to bargain on older equipment that is available at a certain discount. Legion mobile applications that come with custom code require a complex web server that does not support a shared hosting plan. However, it is suggested that business owners should consult with their system administrator to find a productive application development requirements to them. Development in the cloud hosting beginners will soon have the upper hand over dedicated server plans, and cheaper plan better cum available on VPS plan with the allocation of more resources. Therefore it becomes a classic, as a way to keep your online business up to date in the web hosting industry to innovate quickly.

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