Matthew Davies Examines Reasons to Take a Caribbean Vacation


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White sandy beaches, glimmering winter sun, and everyone seems to have a good time. According to Matthew Davies, almost everyone has the Caribbean in their bucket list of places they need to visit. If it doesn’t belong in your list of future vacations, then here are some good reasons to change that:

The Reasons


  1. Snorkeling and Diving – The ocean floor surrounding the Caribbean is filled with exotic marine life. Turtles, beautiful corals, tropical fish that come in all colors of the visible spectrum, and bottlenose dolphins are some of the marine life you can find here. Even if you haven’t dived before in your life, there are plenty of places that provide tuition and diving gear for hire at a reasonable price. Discovering reefs is also a fulfilling pastime since the sea is usually warm and crystal clear.

  1. The festivals – Brazil isn’t the only part of the Americas that is famous for its festivals and carnivals. Up north, the Caribbean has a rich history and diverse culture to conduct colorful carnivals with extravagant costumes. This is especially true for Trinidad and Tobago. You won’t have a moment to be bored when everyone is partying all day with beautiful sunsets and gorgeous nights. If you love music, try out Jamaica Reggae Festivals and Barbados Jazz at Mashramani in Guyana.

  1. Silvery beaches – The Caribbean doesn’t have golden beaches you find everywhere else. Instead, it has shiny and shimmery silvery beaches that make people return back to the destination time and time again. Add year-round clear weather and you have a vacation destination that has non-existent flaws. Make sure to plan your trip and steer clear of the occasional hurricane and storm.

  1. The food – Caribbean cuisine is pretty famous throughout the country and in major parts of the world for a good reason. When you visit the Caribbean islands, you can find thousands of restaurants that serve traditional Caribbean cuisine that ranges across all taste palettes. You won’t have trouble finding something savory and delicious for kids either. Don’t miss out on seafood since it is fresh and has the highest flavor profile in Caribbean cuisine.

  1. Hop islands – The number of Caribbean islands and islets that form the vacation destination totals up to around 7000. As you move from one island to another, you see their different colonial influence, culture, and even change in cuisine. The opportunity to explore is endless and you won’t regret a moment of it.

  1. Picturesque Instagram-worthy landscape – If you are an Instagram influencer, a photographer, or someone who likes natural beauty, you would have an absolute blast in the Caribbean. It is packed with stunning landscapes, both natural and manmade. From azure waters, misty waterfalls, and mesmerizing sunsets to centuries-old colonial structures.


Matthew Davies believes that if you weren’t planning on a Caribbean vacation, you definitely should. Great weather, beautiful beaches, delicious food, accommodations that range from budget to luxury, and of course the friendly people make it all worth it.

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