Handy Discusses Why Renting Appliances Could Be the Better Choice for You


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Renting appliances is a great way to manage costs, especially if you’re living alone or moving in between homes. Justifying costs while living by yourself is hard. You could end up buying all sorts of junk and overload your home. Similarly, if you’re living abroad or residing in a temporary home while your real one is under construction, you’re better off renting stuff. If you bought them outright, they could end up being damaged during a big move. Here is a list of reasons compiled by Handy that explains why people tend to rent stuff rather than outright buy them. Let’s get started.

The Reasons

  1. It’s Comparatively Cheaper- Renting can be cheaper but only when you’ve done a proper cost-benefit analysis. Often, it is better to buy stuff on installments. Renting is a good option if the object you’re planning to buy is costly. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t trust online reviews, then renting is a good option. You can rent the item like a fridge or a washing machine for a few months to judge its performance. Once you’re satisfied, you can either buy the real thing or stick to the rent scheme. It’s a very cost-effective way to try something before you commit to buying them.

  1. Simple Transaction- Buying expensive requires a lot of money and paperwork. Busy individuals such as yourself might not be able to afford the time to research the best in class items, arrange a large sum, and fill out the paperwork.

Instead, you can simply rent the stuff and be done with it. It’s simple, hassle-free, and requires only moments from your busy schedule. You book your item, pay the security deposit along with the first month’s deposit, and the thing is yours for taking. Some renting services also have loyalty programs/referrals fetching some extra discount, so be sure to investigate before investing.

  1. Convenient- Renting services is convenient as you don’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect sofa or washing machine. You can look through the catalog while you’re traveling to work and rent it at the tap of a button. Once the order is recorded, the company delivers the object right to your doorstep. Few services can compete with the convenience that comes with a renting service.

  1. Less Troublesome- Imagine buying a new TV that breaks the following day. Depending on the company you might have to wait somewhere between a few days to a month or maybe more for a replacement.

You’ve already invested in the object, and such delays can cause severe anxiety. But when you’re renting stuff, you don’t have a horse in the race. The combined amount of the rent and the security deposit is nothing compared to the MRP of the same object. Once you return the object, you can rent another or get your security money back within a few days.


Renting is quite popular these days, given the wide variety of choices and products out there. The advantages of renting, as discussed by Handy, should help you comprehend the advantages and benefits of the process. Just make sure the service is really reputed, and you’ll be just fine.

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