What Is NASDAQ IMNM All About?


Immunome is the biotechnology firm with a developing pipeline of the novel antibody therapeutics stoked by the human immune system. Their powerful and unique approach leverages extensive examination of the most “greatly-educated” B cells from the patients who’ve already learned about how to fight off the disease. Their proprietary technology program enables the concurrent discovery of the novel antigens (spots) and patient-derived, regional antibodies that adhere to those ends with a high affinity. They systematically go on to evaluate the corrective potential of the antibodies when they involve the targets, particularly in areas of the high unmet need, like cancer and some of the infectious diseases.

A little more About Immunome

Immunome is a developing likely first-in-class investigational therapeutics by unlocking a disease-educated B cell reply from the patients. Its established Discovery Engine recognizes antibody-spot pairs by examining the patient’s response with breadth, depth, and speed. Utilizing this rich cause of antibody-spot pairs, Immunome is currently working on developing the new and latest product candidates and searching vast, maiden biology in high unmet demand areas, as mentioned above in cancer and a few of infectious diseases.

Some latest news

  • Immunome, the biotechnology firm harnessing that human B cell retort to develop a possibly 1st in-class investigational therapeutics for infectious diseases & oncology, announced the appointments of Jeffrey Henderson, Ph.D., MD, Michael Diamond, Ph.D., MD, Shmuel Shoham, MD, and last but not least Susan Weiss, Ph.D., to its afresh formed COVID-19 Advisory Board.
  • The company was recently bestowed up to 13.3M dollars from the United States Department of Defense to use the proprietary technology in order to develop the novel BCP, i.e., biosynthetic convalescent plasma, derived from the COVID-19 responders, as the new likely approach to fight the pandemic. By this very effort, Immunome aims to identify the combination of the antibodies that are widely alive against the virus and allow multiple viral removal devices and to synthetically build for clinical and non-clinical development.

The Role Of This New Advisory Board

This afresh advisory board will go on to offer fundamental direction on the efforts to develop the biosynthetic patient plasma product applicant to treat the COVID-19 patients.

They are more than pleased to welcome all these skilled researchers and are looking forward to working collectively to leverage the proprietary technology in order to identify and produce antibodies that are powerfully active against this very deadly virus.

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