Using Technology to Enhance Classroom Learning Experience


It is true that technology has changed people’s lives dramatically, often in ways to make things better, easier, and faster. In the classroom, technology also plays an important role in the learning experience of the students. When used correctly, it can greatly enhance and maximize the educational experience. For this reason, it is essential for teachers to become familiar and knowledgeable with the different forms of technology so they can use these to their advantage in increasing student proficiency. If you are a teacher who only has a vague idea on how this process can work, here is a variety of teacher tips to help you use technology in enhancing classroom learning.

Explore the Internet through WebQuests and interactive websites

The Internet is actually a goldmine for educators, as it is filled with various educational resources that can aid in teaching. WebQuests for instance, are “inquiry-oriented activity” that students can use to gather and collect information for several online sources and compile them to explain a certain concept. This type of activity provides great motivation and learning opportunities for students. There are more other types of interactive websites that the teacher can use to develop research skills, encourage teamwork, and motivate participation in class.

Let children play with educational online games during break time

Use educational online games to reward students’ good work. This will not only reinforce proper attitude towards studies but also be a fun break for children while at the same time, their minds are still being honed including their problem solving skills, communication skills, and logic, among many others. One good example of an educational online game is Text Twist, in which a student will have a fun time deciphering different words hidden within the jumbled letters. Be sure to let them play the timed puzzle, which is both exciting and challenging for students.

Take them to virtual museum tours

Another great way to use technology to enhance learning is to let children experience different places and events through the use of virtual museums and real-time interactive videos of events in other places. Virtual museums will allow children to see masterpieces in distant countries that they usually only see in books and photographs. Taking them to museum tours are exciting because it is as if they are inside the actual museum.

Utilize video as a visual aid

Usually, teachers only make use of posters, slides, and pictures as visual aids. But now, you can take learning into a higher level by using video. Online, you will find countless of educational video resources that you can use to teach different subjects like history, math, science, art, and language, among many others.

Technology can be a viable tool for enhancing educational experience for students. Instead of being a cause for distraction, teachers should view technology in an advantageous way, something that they can utilize to make learning more fun, enjoyable, and engaging for children. It can open up new doors of learning opportunities and make students learn things that they could not possibly learn without the help of technology.

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