7 Killed by Drinking Hand Sanitizer in Russia

Nine people at a party in Russia drank hand sanitizers when they ran out of alcohol, killing seven people.

Hand Sanitizer

The incident took place in the Yakutoya region of Russia, where nine people were partying in a house. The men drank a Russian-made antiseptic sanitizer instead when they ran out of alcohol.

After drinking the sanitizer, the condition of all the people deteriorated, 7 people died while the remaining 2 went into a coma.

According to the police, the sanitizer contained 69% methanol and it did not meet the standard of hand sanitizer. The incident is being investigated under a criminal case.


Biden Will Announce His Cabinet Tomorrow

Newly elected US President Joe Biden will announce his cabinet tomorrow.


According to US media reports, foreign affairs expert Anthony Blanken could be chosen as Secretary of State and Jack Sullivan as National Security Adviser.

The Democratic nominee, Biden, has been elected the 46th president of the United States.

His rival, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, received 214 electoral votes.


An App That Helps Blind People Run

Google is testing a new and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) app that will help blind people race.

Blind People Run

This state-of-the-art app will provide visual guidance to the visually impaired so that blind people can run without any assistance.

This modern app is still in its early stages and to use it, blind people will attach their Android phone to their waist and it will connect with the phone app.

The app will provide a guideline for blind people to run by tracing the line on the ground with the help of the camera during the race, while the app will work in all kinds of climate change without the internet.

The machine learning algorithm in the Android phone will allow the visually impaired to know whether they are left, right, or between tracks.


The Death Toll from the Coronavirus has risen to 1.393 Million Worldwide

No region of the world is immune to the global coronavirus, and the number of coronavirus patients and the resulting deaths are steadily rising.


The second wave of coronavirus has engulfed the entire world, the number of coronavirus victims worldwide has reached 589.83 million, while the number of deaths due to it is 1.393 million. Has reached 575.

Around the world, 47,65,563 people infected with the coronavirus have recovered.

The United States, with a population of over 330 million, ranks first among the top 10 countries in terms of cases and deaths from the coronavirus, with 262,696 people dying from the virus so far and the number of people dying from the disease. The total number is 12,588,661.

India, a country with a population of over 1 billion, ranks second on the list with a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus patients, with 133,773 deaths and 9,140,312 cases.

Brazil ranks third in the list of countries with the number of coronavirus patients, where the deadly virus has claimed 169,197 lives, while the number of coronavirus patients has reached 6,071,401.

The total death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in France has risen to 48,518, with a total of 2,127,051 cases reported so far.

The total death toll from the coronavirus in Russia has risen to 48,732, while the number of its patients has risen from 2,064,748 to 2,140,208.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Spain has risen to 42,619, with 1,589,219 confirmed cases so far.

Coronavirus cases and deaths have risen sharply in the UK, reaching 54,626, while coronavirus cases have risen to 1,493,383.

The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in Italy has risen to 55,024, with a total of 1,512,045 cases.


Israel favors visa exclusion manage UAE

JERUSALEM – Israel’s bureau sanctioned on Sunday a shared visa exception to manage the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“We have endorsed a visa exception arrangement among Israel and the United Arab Emirates,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu composed on Twitter.

The arrangement reinforces monetary ties and complementary the travel industry between the two nations, as indicated by Netanyahu. “This is the main Arab nation with which we have consented to such an arrangement,” he said.

The arrangement comes as Israel and the UAE are attempting to heat up their ties in the wake of marking on Sept 15 a US-facilitated arrangement to standardize relations.

The move came after the UAE sanctioned the arrangement before in November.


The US Announces Deadline for Corona Vaccine Delivery

The United States has announced a deadline for vaccinating patients with the coronavirus.

The head of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that vaccination of corona patients will start from December 11.

Corona Vaccine

The FDA chief added that the Corona vaccine is intended to be delivered to patients within 24 hours of approval.

He also said that after the approval of the meeting, the corona vaccine will be given to the patients on December 11 or 12.

According to media reports, a meeting of the Food and Drug Administration was convened on December 10 at the request of the American Pharmaceutical Corporation.

The meeting will consider the approval of the Corona vaccine made by the American company.

According to the news agency, the American company has claimed that the corona vaccine developed in collaboration with the German company is 95% effective.

Earlier in the day, in his address to the G20 summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to give home-grown corona vaccine to other countries.


Trump’s Son Suffers from Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump’s eldest son Jr. Trump has also fallen victim to the global epidemic coronavirus.

Donald Trump's eldest son Jr. Trump

According to foreign media reports, the 42-year-old junior Trump, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, quarantined himself at home after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Junior Trump has no signs of infection and is currently following instructions for coronavirus patients.

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump Jr. had expressed doubts about the success of the third phase of his vaccine test against Corona on the vaccine developed by the company Pfizer to treat Corona.

In early October, President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania Trump, had been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Trump defeated the coronavirus on October 13.


14 rocket attacks, 2 blasts, 6 people killed in Kabul

Explosions and rocket attacks at various locations in the Afghan capital, Kabul, have killed six people and injured 24 others.

Kabul attacks

Five people were killed and 21 were injured in 14 rocket attacks at various locations in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Before the rocket attacks in Kabul, two explosions took place at different places, in which one policeman was killed and three others were injured.

The Afghan capital, Kabul, was rocked by explosions this morning, with a police officer killed and three others injured in magnetic IED blasts in the Cheltenham area of ​​Kabul.

Immediately after the blasts, 14 rockets were fired at different places, killing 5 people and injuring 21.

Gadget Reviews

Do You Have any Hearing Problems? Try These TV Speakers

If you are suffering from hearing loss or damage it can be quite difficult to watch TV as other people. Luckily, there are many listening devices on the market today that will help you improve your TV watching and listening experience.

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to tell you more about the best speakers designed to improve the sounds and dialogues coming from the TV speakers.

What to look for when buying TV speakers?

  • They need to be portable. Generally, you may want to move the speakers to another room, to use them outdoors or even bring them with you while traveling.
  • They need to have a charging base in case you move them to a room with no outlet.
  • They need to let you change the audio settings according to your needs. Not all people have the same listening experience.
  • They need to have volume controls of course.

Now if you are ready to narrow down your choice we recommend you to choose these ones to improve your overall TV listening experience.

TV Ears Original

The TV Ears Analog Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset is our next choice for a reason. It is a pretty unique, comfortable and lightweight device equipped with foam ear tips that let you enjoy the TV audio without the surrounding noise. The headset and TV volume can be controlled separately which means that you can mute your TV and still listen to it using this headset.

This device fits into the category of assistance listening devices and its’ specifically designed for people with hearing problems. If you compare the volume this headset offers much higher volume than the others.

Bose 161 Speaker System

For a perfect balance it is good to have speakers on both sides of the room. When compared to other speakers the Bose 161 Speaker System delivers great volume. It is ideal for music and TV, and when you compare them with some large home stereo systems, they do their job perfectly well and are much more affordable.

The flexibility was the thing that impressed us when we talk about these speakers. You can place them near the TV, on bookshelves or mount them on the wall. The process is quite easy because they already come with self-adhesive rubber feet and some custom mounting brackets.

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

The Bose Solo 5 soundbar is pretty compact and offers better volume control. It drastically improves the sound coming from your TV, he dialogues are clear which is excellent if you are into watching TV shows, series or movies. The Bluetooth connection is a great feature because it will allow you to stream your audio from any Bluetooth audio device.

You can easily place the soundbar on any location or even mount it on the wall to save some additional space. The universal remote will let you control the TV volume as well as the other video sources connected to the TV.

Serene Innovations TV SoundBox

One of the better solutions is the Portable Wireless TV soundbox. After we have reviewed a huge number of TV speakers, we were more than satisfied with the quality volume amplification given by this tiny soundbox. You can control the volume independently from the TV, which is a great option and the control settings allow you to set the volume as you wish.

If you plan to use this device as a wireless speaker, it is good to know that it charges on its own base and you an place it to work as a wireless speakers whenever necessary. If you don’t want to bring it back to the base to recharge you can buy a separate AC adapter.

Polk Audio MagniFi

If you want to listen to your TV at higher volume the Polk Audio Magni-Fi Soundbar with Wireless Active Subwoofer is a great choice. This device uses voice-adjust technology which will deliver crisp and clear sound in the room.

The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet or any other audio source and delivers excellent audio quality. These speakers can be used with any TV and a backup remote is something you would definitely find handy.


Dolphins – One of the biggest marine mammal

Dolphins are one of the largest and heaviest marine animals to roam in the water. Dolphins are very friendly fish, but still are wild and should be treated with great caution and respect. Dolphins can grow at a massive size. They can range from size 5 feet 7 inches to 31 feet. Also, they are extremely heavy and can be between 50kg up to a massive 10 tons.

Different types of dolphins

There are many different types of dolphins. To be more precise, 49 species of them have been discovered. They can live in different waters but mostly prefer warmer waters. Dolphins can be of different sizes according to their sub-species. Most of them grow at a very large size but some species called porpoises can grow 8 feet at maximum.

Swimming with dolphins

Due to being a friendly animal, dolphins can be tamed and can befriend people. They are usually very happy around them and many people have a wish to go swimming with them which is certainly possible. You can swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta and there are multiple places where you can do this, due to which selecting the right place can be a bit of a dilemma.

One of the best places where you can go swimming with dolphins is Aquaventuras. It is not exactly located in Puerto Vallarta but still is just 15 minutes away from it. When you go there be prepared to face a day full of activities in Puerto Vallarta. You can choose from several slides and you can also relax your mind with many slow-moving rivers. You can also ride zip lines which are a lot of fun as well.

And the main attraction for most people, swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins here are very well trained and also certified that they are treated at very high standards so they don’t have to face any sort of problem. The experience of swimming with dolphins is certainly one that you should have at least once in your lifetime.