Is the Rhinoplasty surgery helps to improve your look?


Rhinoplasty or nose job is a process to reshape, straighten or fix an uneven nose. Nose is the most prominent organ on your face and it’s the first thing anyone notices about you.

A firm, straight nose with sharp features enhances your facial features significantly thus enhancing your looks and overall personality.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries and is done for both cosmetic and medical problems for example breathing difficulties.

Nose job can change your cartilage, skin or bone or all three. When undergoing a nose job operation, the surgeon would consider your facial feature and then determine what shape will look best on you.

Sometimes the nose needs reshaping because of deformities occurred from injury or birth defect.

It’s a major surgery and there risks associated with rhinoplasty such as bleeding, infection, difficulty in breathing, numbness, uneven shape post operation, scarring, pain, swelling or a need for an additional surgery.

Therefore it’s recommended to choose an experienced doctor for performing this surgery who is well qualified and has been performing these surgeries on regular basis. You should discuss your medical history, your goals and why do you think the surgery is important for you. You should disclose openly if you have difficulty breathing, any past surgery, treatment or medications you had taken. Any current discomfort or problem like frequent bleeding, obstruction of nasal passageways etc should be discussed.

Based on the discussion your doctor will conduct a physical examination and perform some tests. He will also do an examination of your facial features and interior of your nose and check for thickness and strength of the nose.

Nowadays doctors take your nose photographs and digitally manipulate them to show you the possible end results of the surgery therefore giving you a much better assessment of what nose shape will be perfect for you and what results you can expect after the operation. It helps you to become confident about the surgical procedure.

Before going through the nose job you should stop taking any over the counter medicines, or asprinetc and only take diet and medicines as recommended by the doctor. You should stop smoking as it delays the healing process.

Depending on your procedure, your surgeon may have to make a small incision in between your nostrils and readjust your bone and cartilage.

After the surgery you would need bed rest with a raised head. You may also require to keep wearing nose splints for a couple of weeks inside your nostrils.

For a few weeks or months post surgery you would be expected to avoid any strenuous activities such as aerobics, jogging, avoid complete baths especially when you have bandage on your nose. Avoid blowing your nose, smiling or laughing as it puts unnecessary strain.

Rhinoplasty is a complex operation because of the complicated 3d shape of the nose and due to its positioning on your face and its functions like breathing and smell.

Small changes in your nose can make a major difference on how it looks and function therefore choose the best surgeon only if you want to go for a nose job to avoid complications and disappointments.

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