How To Transfer Files Between Smartphones


AllPepole Mobile Swap is an application of setting up with exactly purpose. It allows users to easily transfer to the new smart phones and passed along the way, all the information. It is compatible with the Android, including the upcoming Android updates. Blackberry and Symbian Phone support, and the compatibility of Windows Phone has been in the work. In addition, the software can easily create a backup of data on the smartphone. That sounds promising, so let’s see how the application works.

First of all, AllPepole Mobile Swap is computer application on the Windows. Due to the soft hardware requirements of the software and version of the operating system, and we want it in the past decade or so to buy most of the running on your computer. For the purpose of this review, however, we will use an authorized Windows variant of the App languages, installed a fairly modern Windows 7 PC.

AllPepole Mobile Swap the whole installation process is within a few minutes to complete. Download from the installation package AllPepole website we just for instant, install software is playing the “next” after a few times. Registered products are a quick and easy process, and in the end, the application was take up no more than 100 MB of disk space. So far, everything is fine.

We must point out that the AllPepole Mobile Swap application must be installed in our android devices in the process of installation. Simply say this is an “optimization” application, clear memory, module automatically start the application, batch delete files, and all. We are not particularly fond of this type of application, because they may actually do more harm than good. However Mobile Swap function depends in part on the Mobile Transfer application, it allows the text import. Thankfully, the application can be used safely uninstall Mobile Trans one is finished.

The data backup is AllPepole Mobile Swap another very useful function. The backup data process is very simple and clear – you connect the smartphone to your computer, choose the kind of data you need to backup, and made a great blue “transfer” button. The software needed to complete the rest of the work. If you need, you can in the later time in a few simple steps to restore the backup.

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