How Does The G700 Military Flashlight Work


IF you are an owner of the G700 or you are just interested in buying the G700 military flashlight then you are in the right place. Lot of people are saying that they aren’t satisfied with the performances of this flashlight but in order to fully experience the G700 you first need to learn how to properly operate the G700 flashlight.

The sole purpose of this flashlight is for any type of outdoor activities but that doesn’t necessarily need to mean that you can’t use it in indoor circumstances or in emergency situations. To learn how to properly operate this extremely powerful flashlight you need to first understand how it works and the only way to learn how the G700 works is by testing it. Fortunately for you we have tested the G700 so that you won’t have to do the same. In this post you will see all our data gather from that reveals certain tricks and hacks for this flashlight that have never been published before.

G700 unique hardware concept

The biggest advantage that the G700 flashlight has above every other military flashlight available on the market is in their unique hardware concept. Their hardware concept works on a very different principal. Most tactical flashlights in their hardware structure for transmitting the lumen capacity use led diodes. Led diodes, because of their circular form, are spreading the light in several directions not allowing the lumen capacity to be fully transmitted into one place. On the G700 things are very different, instead of using led diodes in their hardware structure they use the revolutionary led chips. On the other hand led chips have a square body structure that is focusing the lumen capacity in one direction allowing the flashlight to transmit the entire lumen capacity. Not only that it transmits the entire lumen capacity but led chips also have a method of saving the battery power instead of draining it like led diodes do.

How to take advantage of the large lumen capacity

The g700 military flashlight operates with a lumen capacity of 700 lumens which is a lot if you compare it with the industry average. Many people who own this flashlight don’t know how to fully take advantage of the enormous lumen capacity. First of all the lumen capacity of this flashlight is not that useful in indoor circumstances, to fully take advantage of its brightness you need to use this flashlight in outdoor activities where there isn’t much vegetation around. When you are going to use this flashlight in outdoor activities then you are going to notice the big difference in the performances.

Indestructible body structure

The body structure of the G700 military flashlight is covered by a very durable material called aircraft aluminum which is also used in manufacturing military equipment. The top of the flashlight has sharp edges which are meant to serve as self-defense method when you are in a close encounter with a potential attacker.

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