Gold Buyer/ Seller Checklist


There are so many options available to anyone looking to sell their gold it can be a bit bewildering for someone who is doing it for the first time. Research is important, so is knowing your gold. Here is a list of questions you should seek answers to when you are looking for gold buyers Brisbane to sell your gold to.

  1. What is the reputation of the buyer?
  2. The buyer’s speciality.
  3. How is the buyer regarded by the entire gold dealer community.
  4. How much information do they share with clients.

What is the standing of the buyer in the gold dealer community

Is the buyer a member of some gold dealer organisation? For example, government mints usually have a list of preferred dealers. If you have gold bullion made by Perth Mint you can check their list of preferred dealers to see which gold buyers Brisbane are on it. This means the dealers have been vetted and you know they have to work extra hard to remain on such a list. You can also check numismatic coin dealer associations. The only problem here is usually its bullion dealers and they might not buy gold jewellery if you have to sell it.

Online reputation

Most dealers have moved their operations online. It is easy and convenient for customers to sell gold using the internet. It is also easy for you to check what the company’s reputation is online. You can use Google to check ratings and reviews as well as other review sites.

Check the buyer’s speciality

When you have gold bullion to sell you don’t want to sell to anyone who claims to be a gold buyer offering the best price for your gold. Most gold buyers that you see with pop-up stalls at the mall and those that buy used and broken jewellery, deal in scrap gold. They will want to treat your gold bullion as any other gold product when it’s not. The best thing to do is to look for buyers who specialise in gold bullion.

How much information do they share with clients

There are many buyers who are in the precious metal industry to make a quick buck. They would not put any effort on customer care or on educating their would-be customers about the gold industry and gold products and ways of getting the most out of the gold they have to sell. For example, a lot of people do not understand the difference between bullion coins and numismatic gold coins, let alone understand the price differences. Buyers who are in the business purely for profit may take advantage of the seller’s ignorance instead of explaining things to sellers.

There are gold buyers who take time to offer advice and educate people about the various aspects of gold buying and selling. They spend their time either talking or writing about different issues that gold sellers might face. Such dealers become the one-stop source of information. They may publish articles, or blogs addressing various aspects of the gold industry. Efforts like that make gold buyers stand out. These are the kind of gold buyers Brisbane you want to do business with. Such buyers aren’t only interested in buying your unwanted gold jewellery but they are interested in building lasting relationships with their clients.

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