Dolphins – One of the biggest marine mammal


Dolphins are one of the largest and heaviest marine animals to roam in the water. Dolphins are very friendly fish, but still are wild and should be treated with great caution and respect. Dolphins can grow at a massive size. They can range from size 5 feet 7 inches to 31 feet. Also, they are extremely heavy and can be between 50kg up to a massive 10 tons.

Different types of dolphins

There are many different types of dolphins. To be more precise, 49 species of them have been discovered. They can live in different waters but mostly prefer warmer waters. Dolphins can be of different sizes according to their sub-species. Most of them grow at a very large size but some species called porpoises can grow 8 feet at maximum.

Swimming with dolphins

Due to being a friendly animal, dolphins can be tamed and can befriend people. They are usually very happy around them and many people have a wish to go swimming with them which is certainly possible. You can swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta and there are multiple places where you can do this, due to which selecting the right place can be a bit of a dilemma.

One of the best places where you can go swimming with dolphins is Aquaventuras. It is not exactly located in Puerto Vallarta but still is just 15 minutes away from it. When you go there be prepared to face a day full of activities in Puerto Vallarta. You can choose from several slides and you can also relax your mind with many slow-moving rivers. You can also ride zip lines which are a lot of fun as well.

And the main attraction for most people, swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins here are very well trained and also certified that they are treated at very high standards so they don’t have to face any sort of problem. The experience of swimming with dolphins is certainly one that you should have at least once in your lifetime.

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