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Hand Sanitizer

7 Killed by Drinking Hand Sanitizer in Russia

Nine people at a party in Russia drank hand sanitizers when they ran out of alcohol, killing seven people. The incident took place in the Yakutoya region of Russia, where nine people were partying in a house. The men drank a Russian-made antiseptic sanitizer instead when they ran out of…


Biden Will Announce His Cabinet Tomorrow

Newly elected US President Joe Biden will announce his cabinet tomorrow. According to US media reports, foreign affairs expert Anthony Blanken could be chosen as Secretary of State and Jack Sullivan as National Security Adviser. The Democratic nominee, Biden, has been elected the 46th president of the United States. His…

Blind People Run

An App That Helps Blind People Run

Google is testing a new and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) app that will help blind people race. This state-of-the-art app will provide visual guidance to the visually impaired so that blind people can run without any assistance. This modern app is still in its early stages and to use it,…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel favors visa exclusion manage UAE

JERUSALEM – Israel’s bureau sanctioned on Sunday a shared visa exception to manage the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “We have endorsed a visa exception arrangement among Israel and the United Arab Emirates,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu composed on Twitter. The arrangement reinforces monetary ties and complementary the travel industry…

Donald Trump's eldest son Jr. Trump

Trump’s Son Suffers from Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump’s eldest son Jr. Trump has also fallen victim to the global epidemic coronavirus. According to foreign media reports, the 42-year-old junior Trump, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, quarantined himself at home after testing positive for the coronavirus. Junior Trump has no signs of…

Jared Kishnerr son-in-law to President Trump

Trump’s Adviser Visits Saudi Arabia And Bahrain

After the UAE, the US presidential adviser has visited Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Jared Kishnerr, a White House adviser, and son-in-law to President Trump met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss resuming Palestinian-Israeli talks. Jared Kishner came to the UAE with an Israeli delegation, claiming that more…