Amazing Gadgets For Your Vehicle


The best car gadgets and accessories can make your car much more convenient and comfortable to use. So we’ve rounded up the coolest in-car gadgets for your driving pleasure — from dash cams to phone mounts to backup sensors, you’ll find something to improve your next road trip.

Your car is a reflection of your personality. It’s also the one place you can be sure you’ll spend time every day; why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

These gadgets are all designed to do that in one way or another. Whether you’re looking for more comfort, less stress, or just some fun on the road, there’s something here for everyone.

Phone mount

Sticking your smartphone in a cup holder or on the center console is not a great idea. It blocks your view, slides around, and is dangerous if it falls into the gap between the console and the seat when you brake suddenly. Mounting it to your windshield or air vent is also not ideal; video screen glare can make it hard to see your phone’s display, and, depending on where it’s mounted, it might obstruct your view of the road while you’re driving. However, there are better alternatives available that will keep your phone within easy view while keeping it safe. You can also consider using a car charger so that you never have to worry about running out of battery while using your phone on the go.

Dash cams

A dash cam is an easy way to record your drive and monitor what’s going on around you while you’re behind the wheel. They can also be a useful tool in case an accident occurs. Some dash cams even help prevent accidents by warning drivers when they’re too close to another vehicle or pedestrian.

Mobile chargers and hubs

These days, everyone has multiple mobile devices that need to be charged during long drives. With a mobile charger hub, you can ensure that everyone stays powered up throughout the duration of your trip.

GPS devices

Few things are as frustrating as getting lost on a road trip, which is why so many people rely on GPS navigation devices to get where they need to go. While maps are great in theory, they don’t always give you the quickest route and can be difficult to read at night. With a GPS device, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again.

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