Single Review: Chevelle-Take Out The Gunman

March 28, 2014 in Ben Schultz, Reviews

Alternative hard rock giant Chevelle has released the first single for it’s forthcoming, and seventh, full length album La Gárgola, in the name of one, quite epic, Take Out The Gunman. A four minute and twenty second foray into  the totality of what really makes up the band’s sound. From the tones, the rhythms, the vocal delivery, it’s all there, if it’s been in a Chevelle song, any Chevelle song, it somehow got crammed into here, with a few minor, minor twists. Yet still sounds fresh and invigorating.

It starts of with a very chilly, toe-tapping, Chevelle-esque intro of the main riff and vocals muted, adding percussion, and building until a breaking point that then erupts in full colorful, driving, hard rock glory. Then it all just morphs into a rhythmic, percussive breakdown and ties back into the intro, which is pretty typical for Chevelle, sounds like an homage to Tool, in both sound and goosebump quality. Only then to be interrupted by fits of hard lines of that delicious hard rock they do so well. This section repeats a couple of times until there’s an eruption of that glorious rock again but only this time harder and more thunderous and back to the chorus again which repeats until the track just ends, leaving you wanting more but just pleased to push repeat.

La Gárgola is scheduled to come out April 1st. Take Out The Gunman is currently out on radio and available on Youtube.