News: Will Three Lance Armstrong Films Soon Be In Theatres?

July 30, 2013 in Andrew Nicholls, Film, News


To some the idea of a movie about a cyclist may be mind-numbingly boring, but Lance Armstrong’s use of illegal steroids and drugs have added more interesting factors to the plot of not one but three films originally about his pedal-pushing and battle with cancer.

Now it seems there are at least three films in development, with Dirty Pretty Things director Stephen Frears wanting to direct one, and Ben Foster looking to star.

While out promoting his HBO film, Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, at the Television Critics’ Assocation summer press tour, the director announced that he’s gearing the film up for Working Title. It’ll chronicle the scandal that left the cycling legend’s reputation in tatters after seven Tour de France wins.

A script for the movie has been written by John Hodge, and it includes Armstrong’s cancer strungle. Ben Foster seems like a choice pick for the role, but he’ll have a lot of hard work ahead of him to get fit for an autumn shoot.

This is of course just one Lance Armstrong project working its way to the big screen. Warner Bros are working on an as-yet unitled film with Jay Roach and Scott Z Burns. There’s also an adaptation of Juliet Macur’s book Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, courtesy of J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Bad Robot.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, and we have no idea which film will even reach the finish line first. We hope it isn’t the adaptation of Macur’s book though, as puns in book titles are just spineless.