Sound And Motion Mixtape #4

July 15, 2013 in Alex Fraser, Lin Henderson, Marianne Calnan, Mixtape, Slider, Tori Olson, Unsigned


Inspired by similar models and originally published under a different name elsewhere, the Sound And Motion Mixtape is an attempt to celebrate and showcase musical works usually ignored by the mainstream media.

Originally restricted to Sussex and out of place in an urban magazine, the Mixtape is now firmly at home with Sound And Motion, serving a large, international audience.

Unbiased and not focused on a particular genre, the Mixtape will remain focused on music above all else, and will be here as a showcase of art, not of drama.

This is Side A of the fourth Sound And Motion Mixtape, featuring Lion Bark, Set Your Sails, For Marla, Your Favourite Enemies, Emma Harrop, Syred, The Airplanes, Broker, Orestea, Oh Captain! and The 150 Friends Club.



“Beach Beats” band Lion Bark has been kicking around with their easy, breezy crooner-pop since 2012. This Brighton 5 piece consisting of self-confessed music school dropouts is currently in the studio working on new material. The band has previously been described as Frank Sinatra-meets-West Coast Pop which we think is a fitting description based off Lion Bark’s debut single “Two Prongs”.

“Two Prongs” is a drifting ballad that explores the inner monologue of a man contemplating his lot in love. Lilting guitars wind through gentle drums as vocalist Guy Bangham croons about his love interest and the effect love has on him. “I don’t think I have what it takes to catch you because my arms aren’t what they used to be”. While the lyrics sometimes fall to the heavy side, the pop-y melody keeps the song from being dreary – and if this is how good Lion Bark’s first official single is, then we can’t wait to hear what else the band has in store for us. TO




Melodic hardcore outfit Set Your Sails will “punch their way into your heart” according to their facebook page. Formed in 2011, SYS has already shared the stage with big names acts like While She Sleeps, Rolo Tamassi and Don Bronco, becoming known for their heavy-hitting sound and dynamic live performances.

“Tale to the Gallows” roars in with throaty screams and searing guitars. Set Your Sails are fantastic at setting and keeping a frenetic pace throughout the song, which often hinders young bands because they lose control and the song becomes chaotic. But not SYS –  they keep their song in tight form despite the frantic pace. From the massive chorus to the brutal breakdowns, this song charges through your speakers with a raw quality that you don’t hear very often. Every hit is hard, every scream is throat-busting, every breakdown is heavy – hardcore fans should have no problem getting behind this band. TO




Formed back in 2011, For Marla are an Alternative Rock band from Brighton and its clear their performing muscles have been well-exercised over the last couple of years, due to their musically-mature charm.

They have a variety-driven progressive style that’s almost gentle, despite the implications of the title of the single. ‘Resentment’ boasts a White Lies esque apathy in terms of vocal projection and flair, and the elegant yet thumping bass pides the various sections of the song. It’s clear how hard the band have worked with regards to live work and building a fan base from their social media.

Slightly 1980’s influenced vocally-speaking, For Marla have managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding the balance between dawdling, dulcet tones and getting brutal, painful emotions through lyrics. It is something very few band and artists manage to claim and something to be applauded. MC




Your Favourite Enemies are an uncommon, band whose distinctive blend of sonic textures, introspective poetry and symbolism for their lyrics has gained them quite a following. The six-member band, who formed back in 2008 released new single ‘Kerosene’ on 9th May 2013 and it has been available to download for free ever since.

Each band member hails from a varying musical background, and the band’s variety of influences is obvious throughout the track. ‘Kerosene’ begins with a beautiful, guitar-driven melodic build up, which is impeccably produced. This proves the attention to detail that Your Favourite Enemies have utilised and that DIY methods can be incredibly effective. From beginning to end, the track is made up of varying tempos, styles and instrument leadership- constantly keeping the listener engaged, which is a strenuous task via an 8 minute piece.

Their sound is mature and well-established progressive rock with a gentle, emotional backbone that makes it appealing to an even wider range of music fans. The band is exceptionally creative and expressive and have managed to pin-point a strong, inpidual style that they’ve embraced and enhanced over the past few years, allowing them to grow as musicians and performers. MC




As a London based Pop/Rock singer-songwriter, Emma Harrop is lucky to own raw, powerful and soulful vocals abilities that really project free varieties of influences, from Amy Winehouse to Paloma Faith and Ben Howard.

She has a unique voice and a fresh sound; it is simply a shame that her work is not better produced, despite how strong her vocals are. ‘Desperation’ is a raw track that depicts the personal style of Emma’s music. Her quirky vibe carries the simplistic melody and as the track unravels, her true vocal power is revealed. Emma is the owner of the kind of voice that has the potential to turn a busy room silent.

Once the guitarist and vocalist of all-girl band My Heroine, Emma Harrop has really spread her musical wings for ‘Desperation’ and her Punk Rock history is obvious from start to finish. The song is simply about the idea of being alone and attempting to get someone to see your point of view and how out of line they are. She’s latched her music onto relatable situations and emotions which allows bands and artists to begin fuelling a fan-base, which would be well-deserved if this song is anything to go by. MC




Syred is a funky fresh rapper that really stands out. His lyrics are clever, witty and unique. Tumbling verses over slickly produced tracks, from what I can find dotted about the usual musical social media formats he’s used to playing with an array of musicians behind him and is completely in his element in a live scenario either alone with a microphone or backed by some great instrumentalists.

His track/poem “Not a Rapper” gives great insight into his charisma and soul. A closer look at his inner thought process that leads to the lyrical ability he displays. His message is aggressive, real world and unflinchingly honest. A few lines and you might get an idea:

“Now I start to realise I’m just what my life’s made me;
that’s a guy who sees life through the eyes of a pacifist
but decides to fight for his rights like that of an anarchist”

I can find collaborative efforts, beat poems, video’s of him rapping in front of a band and solo tracks over some of the nicest grooves I’ve heard in modern Hip Hop in a while and at no point has anything I’ve heard been anything other than professional, thought provoking, real music, poetry and purest wordsmithery. AF




Hailing from Arkanses, USA. The Airplanes are a mixture of poppy melodies, acoustic indie guitars and joyful, bouncing songs. Vocally I can hear influences from all over 60’s pop and 90’s grunge. Thumpingly joyous numbers like A Little Light are the perfect summer road trip soundtrack music. Out into the wild green and blue with this on your stereo and you can’t be unhappy, you just can’t.

It’s simplistic in the best of ways, doing no more than it has to please ears and capture hearts. The Airplanes is in fact one Joshua Vest, playing everything, recording everything himself in his front room (from what I can see from the video to ‘Summer Daydream part 1’-another great tune). It’s low-fi indie rock ‘n’ roll that you can sing along to. There’s some really weird noises on a few of his tracks, not afraid to experiment with what I can only imagine are distorted kazoo’s amongst some lovely synths and of course the genre-standard; the Ukulele. AF

The Airplanes are lots of fun, great songs, summery music perfect for this time of year.




The 150 Friends club goal’ is to play shows in front of no more and no less than 150 people at a time. Having played in unsigned bands for years I can tell them they will be lucky to ensure every gig has that many punters!

Here’s clearly a wild mix of influences from quaint acoustic singer-songwriter songs to funky indie that reminds me unmistakably of The Zutons. Guitar led tunes with tasteful drumming and distinctive vocals with satisfying harmonies are clearly the dish of the day.

I can also detect whiff of reggae and hints of African rhythms. Next song along and we’ve gone from The Zutons to something that I can only compare to John Butler Trio (if JB was coked off his face). It’s all funky, it’s all catchy and there’s even dips into odd time signatures to keep the muso fans happy. There’s seems to be so many instrumentalists on some of their tracks that I’m sure The 150 Friends club is most probably a collection of ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalists and song writers. These guys are clearly a far too eccentric band for me to properly explain in just 200 words, and I mean that as a compliment. Maybe at the next gig I’ll be one of the 150 and I might just work out what’s going on and why it’s so intriguing! AF




A female fronted rock/metal 5 piece from Guilford, Orestea are a band that have the power to immediately impress. Not only with their music but their extensive backlog of touring the UK and the hard work they put into their releases and merchandise, the result of which has seen them play some of the most prestigious festivals in the UK such as Download, Bloodstock and Guilfest.

Their latest single ‘The Game’ sees singer Lisa continue to use her powerful vocal range for something other than the majority of the other female fronted alternative bands attempting to follow in the footsteps of Paramore. With infectious, melodic riffs and relentless precision from recently recruited drummer Jack Slade, Orestea have formulated a sound that they can call their own. ‘The Game’ is a song which displays each members splendid instrumental ability perfectly and leaves the listener on a cruel edge, wanting to hear more. LH




Broker are a 3 piece DIY post hardcore, punk rock band that have been lurking in the underground Brighton scene, slowly stirring it up for quite some time now. Annoyingly they’re doing something very similar to what a lot of the biggest bands in the area managed to step up and get their foot in the door with, but with far less ego.The ‘Piping Hot’ EP was released in 2011 and the opening track ‘Burrows’ is a chaotic ensemble that sits nicely on the eardrums. Now, if we start on the premise that Broker are actually on a normal spectrum, the track begins with solid contained riffs and even some nice vocals from singer Duncan. It continues on interlacing some teasing heavy bits, keeping the balance between disorder and control, finally descending into full blown pandemonium/Broker. Which we love. This is a band well worth checking out. LH



artworks-000051626076-m7sral-t500x500 (1)

This trio met while gigging the solo acoustic scene in Brighton and decided to join forces, naming the band after singer Hope’s cat Captain. After a relentless amount of gigging around Brighton, they headed into the studio to record their first EP ‘The Sky Is Falling’. Having only been together for 9 months, drummer Sadie Brown described the EP at the launch as being like ‘their actual baby’.

The title track is an uplifting song that displays the groups ability to perform both acoustic, almost timid music and the movement into creating the full band sound. Throughout the EP all 3 members display their vocal abilities and on this track Hope’s strong (and what sounds rather influenced by the Cranberries) voice is the perfect accompaniment to the sweeping guitars and matches both the subtle and stronger moments of the drums. LH