Single Review: Robin Thicke feat. T.I and Pharrell-Blurred lines

June 4, 2013 in Frank Jones, Reviews

nude-version-of-robin-thicke-s-blurred-linesWith The Neptunes producing and Robin Thicke at the helm it’s a cheeky and charming track. If you’re looking for profound meaning, you’ve taken a wrong turn. If it’s a text book Pharrell and Chad Hugo beat that you’re after and you hope the aforementioned artists can make everyone feel just a little more sexy, worry not! That’s exactly what it does.

The song has two videos, the first would most likely put your nan off her dinner. The second unrated version is likely to get you a clip around the ear. The unrated version which has been banned from Youtube is available on Vevo as director Diane Martel takes the skimpy clothing of the stylish TV cut to its logical conclusion. Furthermore, with #hashtagging all over the place it’s a visual of its time.