Single Review: Taylor Swift-22

April 3, 2013 in Reviews, Stevie-Leigh Blackburn

Taylor Swift 22It seems physically impossible to even avoid her name nowadays but Taylor Swift has gone and done it again by releasing yet another infectious pop song into the charts. Taken from her album Red, so far we’ve seen her brainwash us by implanting songs such as I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together into our heads leaving us singing her songs for days on end and with summer fast approaching, latest single, 22 is going to once again be hard to avoid.

Happy pop music isn’t for everyone, but having a guilty pleasure isn’t so much of a crime either and 22 will undoubtedly be a lot of peoples this year.

At a time when you would think Taylor Swift (ironically aged 23) wants nothing more than to just hide away after an embarrassing public break up from One Directions’ Harry Styles, she’s gone the complete opposite way with a song which, in a nutshell, is a big fuck you to the man who thinks he can get any woman he wants. Taylor knows how to fight dirty with a history of bad relationships and troublemakers being the subjects to 80% of her songs, she got over this one by publicly humiliating him at this year’s Grammy Awards mocking him during her performance.

The latest single has everything a summer pop song requires, infectious lyrics and granted, it’s even cheesier than Never Getting Back Together but its catchy as hell and the video backs this up with images of summer fun that would never happen in the UK but nevertheless, she’s ditching her old country style roots and making her mark on the pop scene with yet another classic song set to storm the charts.