Film Review: A Most Wanted Man

Perhaps some stories are just too realistic to translate from page to screen. Though Anton Corbijn’s new espionage thriller, A Most Wanted Man, deftly portrays the minutiae of John le Carré’s source novel, it lacks the cinematic punch to keep it interesting. It has some exceptional components, including a strong performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman


Album Review: Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion

If Morbid Tales was Celtic Frost cementing their place in the post-Hellhammer world as a legitimate outfit with a deathly splattering of depraved thrashing extremity, To Mega Therion was the moment they really threw down the gauntlet to every other band who had the audacity to call themselves “heavy”. Go to your collection of 1980s


Film Review: Chef

It’s always refreshing to see filmmakers committing themselves s0 deeply to personal projects. Jon Favreau writes, directs, and stars in Chef, and he most certainly cooks. Not only does Favreau make you hungry, he also crafts a touching story about re-connecting with the people we sometimes neglect. It’s like a leisurely dinner with friends on


Single Review: The Color Morale – Suicide, Stigma

The Color Morale are a metalcore/hardcore punk band that’s been releasing solid music since ’09 and they’ve really been a little higher on everyone’s radar since the album they released last year Know Hope. Now they’re planning to follow that up with an album to be released in September called Pain Ends. The second single off


Album Review: Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

Judas Priest aren’t one of the many classic metal bands that people love to put in the “fine wine” category. They haven’t gotten better with age, and their defining moments remain within the 1976-1990 period. What they have done to their credit is adapted. What do you do when your iconic frontman leaves and you replace

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Film Review: Blue Ruin

Sometimes the simplest stories are the best stories. Blue Ruin is the simple story of one man’s inevitable march to the execution chamber. It’s raw and elemental, as if we’ve been transported back to the beginning of some ancient blood feud. And yet, there is a quiet beauty to it. Not reverence, perhaps, but a

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Hot Links! for July 23, 2014

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Gets Release Date via Bleeding Cool You’ll have to wait an extra year to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow again. Disney, who was originally eyeing a summer 2016 release, has slotted the fifth installment of their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in for July 7, 2017.   Space

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Film Review: The Signal

There are some exciting young voices working in the sci-fi genre these days. Neill Blomkamp leaps immediately to mind, but The Signal announces that writer-director, William Eubank, is a new player in the game. This is an assured film that effortlessly mixes visual styles and tones to keep us guessing throughout. It’s often exhilarating, sometimes


Album Review: Hoth – Oathbreaker

Washington’s Hoth are a black metal band named after the frozen planet on which Luke Skywalker and co. find themselves on in Episode V of Star Wars. Their 2012 debut featured such song titles as Torn Asunder by a Wampa, The Rancor and Interstellar Gargantuan Space Slug, and their new album Oathbreaker is a concept


EP Review: Tempest – Distance

Opening with a djent-driven opener, it’s clear what Tempest are here to do with this 4 track EP: make a lasting impression on the hardcore scene and when the next track Illusions kicks in, it’s clear that they will absolutely do so. Production is of the highest quality, so when that metallic, thick-groove driven riff kicks in, you really